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We, Sri Hari Packaging Industries, are a quality-conscious corrugated box manufacturer and give utmost importance to satisfy our customers by providing the highest quality of packaging products to them .

Box Compression Tester

The box compression tester determines the compression resistance of corrugated boxes and cartons. It is used for quality control and R&D. Its design offers to the user a comfortable and safe operating position with an excellent 360° visibility of the sample that is being tested.

Ring Crush Tester

The edgewise compression strength of corrugated board is the principal element in determining the dynamic compression strength of making this property an important measure of the performance characteristics of corrugated board, Since edgewise compression strength can be estimated by a summation of the ring crush strengths of the liners and medium, this test becomes a useful one for the corrugated boxmaker.

Our product is appreciated for their hardness, eco-friendly nature and high load bearing capacity. With the help of cutting, multicolor flexo printing and stitching machines, we are able to ensure smooth production process.

Edge Crush Tester

The crush performance values of linerboard and medium relate to ECT but are meaningful to paper mills manufacturing this containerboard and the corrugator plants that purchase containerboard and run the board combinations needed to produce the required ECT values. Formulas to predict ECT based on paper edge stiffness strength are provided later in this Guide

Cobb Tester

The cobb tester is a simple instrument which measures the water absorptiveness of paper, cardboard and corrugated fibreboard under standard conditions. The water absorptiveness is a very important and useful parameter in the specification of paper and board for use in the packaging and printing industries. The cobb sizing test is used worldwide to test absorp-tion or resistance to absorption of water, oil and other liquids.

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